Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Why Can't I Be You?

Lollapalooza is dead. Enough said. Long live The Cure ! They are
headlining the Curiosa Tour, and will be in New York
in late July. Yay!

in this issue
* Just Like Heaven
* If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
* Boys Don't Cry
* Just Say Yes
* Disintegration
* Hot Hot Hot!

Just Like Heaven
Champagne in a can...Have you tasted it yet? Well,
this week I was blessed to have sampled the
sparkling Sofia. This
bubbly comes from Francis Coppola vineyards, and I
bet the kiddies in the Hamptons are loving it. Now I
can't wait for Marc Jacobs to create a signature
orange juice so that I can drink designer mimosas for
Sunday brunch!

If Only Tonight We Could Sleep

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to see Dylan
Moran's Monster at the Village Theatre (158 Bleecker
St.) for free. However, I really wanted to get some
sleep, but my new motto is "you can sleep when you
die". So I attended and laughed heartily at the
irreverent comedy of Irishman Dylan Moran. It was
fun, and I even saw Jerry Orbach from "Law and
Order" in the audience! The
show was being taped for BBC America, so you may
see me in the audience when it airs this fall. By the
way, I heard that "Monster" has been extended, so
make sure you check out for "sh!ts and giggles"!

Boys Don't CryA week after Gay Pride, and I am thinking where are
the manly straight men? I'm guessing that they
are all at a bar somewhere talking about women and
relationships while downing shots of tequila. These
guys should probably check out one of my favorite
New York bar guides, Murph Guide
everyday to see what places have the best
happy hour. Cheers!

Just Say Yes

Say yes as I call upon all you Nichelle Newsletter fans
to come out on Tuesday, July 6 for the 3rd
monthly "Chicks and Giggles" show! The stellar lineup
includes Carolyn Castiglia, Laura Mannino, Lena
Martinez, Amy Mahfouz, Veronica Mosey, Abby
Rosin, Jenny Rubin, and Jill Twiss. The cover is only
$8 with a two-drink minimum. The door is at 8PM,
and the show starts at 8:30 PM at the Laugh Lounge and call 212.614.2500 for reservations.


What in the heck was I thinking last week?! I
actually posted a personal ad in Craig's List
after writing the newsletter. (Dumb move!) I was quickly
overwhelmed with a deluge of emails from creepy
guys who claimed to be lawyers. I took the post
down after less than a day. I soon realized that
this single thing is better left
unsaid. Anyway, if you ever want to be entertained by CL, then check out
Amy Blair's "The Week in Craig" column on Black Table .

Hot Hot Hot!

There are some folks that are being much buzzed
about lately and I just to bear witness to their
brilliance. First up is Demetri
Martin, comedian. I first saw his act at
Moonwork back last winter, and he's very funny
and pretty cute. His show is called Spiral Bound. Also I gotta say that I really
enjoyed listening to Mike Sandwich , a wild and crazy band from Astoria, Queens who played last weekend at Coney Island.

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