Thursday, June 10, 2004

Who Do You Love?

Do You Really Want To Hurt Me? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
To prove that the ladies love a cheap drink now and again, I stopped by
Chango, a posh-looking Mexican bar on Park Ave South where they serve $5
frozen margaritas from 4-7PM for Happy Hour. I was very happy to taste a
yummy passionfruit margarita. New Jersey, you are on the wrong side of

What's Going On?
Who is John Wilkes Booth? What is Spanish fly? What is 1945? Ok, I know
you wondering what's going on, so here's the deal. On Friday afternoon,
I am trying out for Jeopardy, which is way much cooler than trying to
get cast for the next Hilton reality show! I have to pass a test and
then participate in a mock round of game. Wish me luck!

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?
Two months ago, I happened upon a little Australian bar/restaurant on
Avenue C named the Sunburnt Cow (137 Avenue C). It was too late in the
evening to sample one of their "Mad Cow" pies that are highly
recommended. However I got a chance recently to have one of the pies,
which was delicious with a flaky crust. Plus, they have a garden
outback! Pun not intended.

Who's That Girl? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It's June, and it hot! So now is the time start searching for the
perfect pasties and wig to get your costume ready for the Coney Island
Mermaid Parade on Saturday, June 26. I was just looking at blue wigs the
other day or may go with a blonde one. Anyway, the 2004 Mermaid may some
hipster street cred, as Moby will be King Neptune. I am gathering a
posse together to have fun and march in the parade. If interested, email
a sista'.

Who Can It Be Now? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I will be away this weekend at my summer share in the Hamptons. Did I
just write that with a straight face?! No, I will be in Philly rocking
it in a rocking chair and singing sweet songs to my baby cousin,
Freeman. But if I were in the city this weekend, I would check out the
documentary at Film Forum about Imelda Marcos. You gotta love a woman
with so many shoes. (SJP's has nothing on her!) Saturday night, I would
go to Schoolhouse Roxx show at P.S. 122 with Corn Mo, Jessy Delphino and
Jason Trachtenburg.

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