Thursday, June 03, 2004

Take Me With You


Announcement: I am only doing a few links today because I’m lazy…

The Morning Papers
I honestly read the NY Post everyday on my way to work mainly for the Page Six gossip and the Pulse section. I read the NY Times and the Observer (the other pink paper) online, and I think the Daily News has no reason to exist.

Starfish and Coffee
Last Friday, I attended the Loser’s Lounge tribute to Prince, and I had a blast! The house band and all the guest singers were great. I totally enjoyed the show, and I noticed that Amy Poehler from SNL was really rocking out to “Lady Cab Driver”! You can still check out the show this weekend at the Fez Café. I am tempted to see it again. It was that GOOD!! Also Prince will be coming next month, but I heard the tickets are already sold out.

Sign O’ The Times
The New Jersey State Division of Civil Rights have banned bars from having “Ladies Night” drink specials. It’s a stupid ruling, in my opinion. Now I have no incentive whatsoever to venture into Jersey. They don’t treat chicks with respect and ply them with liquor like they do over here in the Big Apple!

I've having a semi-private party on Wednesday June 9 at Lava Gina (116 Ave C). Details will be sent in a special email. Stay tuned.

Let’s Go Crazy
Tuesday’s Chicks and Giggles show was fantastic, and many of you missed it. No worries! The next show is Tuesday, July 6 at the Laugh Lounge. It’s your chance to see the funniest females in comedy before they become rich and famous and you see them in Page Six. Check out the special blog which has a calendar that list dates for upcoming shows where you can find these talented ladies.

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