Tuesday, June 15, 2004

I'm Free

I spent a long weekend in Philadelphia. It was good to clear my mind and be away from work, the blog, the comedy, the city, etc. It was lovely to spend time with my cousin and reminisce about when were kids. I slept well and ate swell. I feel refreshed!

Last week I forgot to release myself of a burden, and it just dawned on me today that I must let go of the quasi-friendship that I have with my ex-boyfriend. I often speak of him when I don’t plan to. We email each other and talk on the phone frequently, but it’s a waste of my time. He will never be what I want, and I cannot settle for what he stingily offers me sometimes-- and that is only when he’s in good mood. I said “goodbye”, and as I saw the words on the screen, it felt so right. I wish him well, truly I do. He needs a lot of work, but he’s a good guy. Whew! Where’s the nearest bar? I have a taste for a frozen margarita!

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