Friday, March 19, 2004


Last night, I watched this show on MTV,and it really scared me. It was a disturbing documentary/reality on these twins from Arizona who wanted plastic surgery, so they could resemble Brad Pitt. Mike and Matt are only 21, and outside of some bad acne and nonexistent cheekbones, they looked average. However, I don't think they could have pass a psych evaluation, because they seemed obsessed with Brad Pitt. One of them even remarked that Brad was "beautiful". I think it was irresponsible for MTV to put this on the air! MTV's target audience is full of young adults who are easily influenced by the celebrity culture. I wish the twins well in their pursuits, and I hope they realize that you can't get plastic surgery for self-esteem and an original - Onair - I Want A Famous Face - Meet The Patients

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