Monday, March 15, 2004

Eat It!

Did you know that McDonald's delivers up in Harlem? I found out when a delivery girl erroneously ringed my buzzer of my apartment Saturday morning! Obviously, she had the wrong address, and I directed her to peddle that Egg McMuffin elsewhere. By the way, how lazy do you have to be to have McDonald's delivered to your home?! The closest one to my apartment is one block away, but you'd have to travel some distance to get a good grocer with fresh fruit and veggies. No wonder obesity is an epidemic here in the United States. France's Marie Antoinette was rumored to say, "Let them eat cake"; and we Americans "Would you like fries with that shake?" Funny, huh?

I am anxiously waiting to see the Sundance award-winning documentary, SuperSize Me, which will open May 7, 2004.

With love, lube & gratitude,

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