Thursday, May 06, 2004

What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

What’s Love Got to Do With It?
Don’t just send your lovely mother flowers for Mother’s Day! Do it right and take your MOM to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden this weekend. Enjoy the lovely cherry blossoms and lilacs in bloom. Admission is only $5. She’ll love you for it!

Oh What A World
It’s ALIVE! The movie “Godzilla” is playing at the Film Forum (209 West Houston) starting Friday May 7 for only two weeks. It’s the original uncut Japanese version, so go see this classic flick. This is the kind of movie that popcorn was made for!

So What You Want
Two of my favorite things, sweets and books come together this Saturday at Dylan Candy Bar at 2:00PM. There will be a book signing of “Candy Freak”, the new book by author Steve Almond. “Candyfreak” chronicles the author’s lifelong quest for the perfect chocolate candy. If this book is as good as Almond’s last book, “My Life in Heavy Metal”, then readers are definitely in for a treat

What I Got
I have got a great lineup of funny girls who will be performing comedy on Tuesday, May 11 at the Laugh Lounge 151 Essex St). The “Chicks and Giggles” show will feature Ellen Lloyd, Carolyn Castiglia, Jeannie Dean, Liz Maher, Abby Rosin, Jenny Rubin , Tasha Space and Jill Twiss. Get there at 8PM, cover is $8 with 2-drink minimum. Come on down and laugh!

What’s The 411?
Reading blogs are a surefire way to reduce your productivity at work by 40%. Who wants to work that hard anyway?! To find out the latest posts from your favorite blogs including mine, instead of surfing all over the net, you can simply subscribe to Kinja where you can find them all in one spot. It’s like one-stop shopping for the blog readers. You can read what I like to read by checking my digest. Now that's what I call efficient.

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