Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Everybody Wants To Rule The World

Last night, I was among the superstars of blogging at the NY Blogger Event at the Apple Store (103 Prince St). There was an interesting and informative panel discussion that featured Nick Denton, Jason Calacanis, Choire Sicha, Lockhart Steele, Jen Chung and blog-famous others. When I looked around the crowd and noticed how intensely the audience was paying attention to the speakers, I realized that I am a geek like the rest of them! Afterward, the crowd converged at Merc Bar and I tossed back a few beers with the creator of Dodgeball, a new service which is like Friendster meets Vindigo on a mobile phone. He told about this fun game that he played last weekend, Pac-Manhattan. I had a blast! However, all this name dropping is giving me a headache, so I gotta get to back to WORK. For more on the event, check out
Standard Deviance.

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