Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Running With The Night

This week is so HUGE in my blogger family! With my Gothamist Interviews this week and my cousin-in-law, Chris Rabb from the Afro-Netizen blogging about the Democratic Convention in Boston, we've got the politics and entertainment thing covered. Anyway here is an excerpt of his latest post.
[Attention readers: These blog entries may contain high doses of sarcasm. Please read with caution.]

I'll be hoofin' it to the Fleet Center shortly to join the 15,000 credentialed journalists who are covering this suspenseful political extravaganza (he says sardonically)!
After all, other than knowing the nominee-to-be, his running-mate, and the Democratic Party's official 2004 platform, we don't know anything! For instance, where is the Utah delegation going to be situated? And who will be holding the tazer-gun when presidential footnote Al Gore takes the podium?

[As you can see, sarcasm runs in the family] To read more, check it out HERE.