Saturday, January 17, 2004


Hey, I stayed in on a wintry Friday night to look at a new show premiering on the Food Network, Dweezil and Lisa.
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  • It's the zany adventures of Dweezil Zappa and Lisa Loeb as they travel around the country visiting restaurants and diners. In this episode, they visit Atlanta when the two hang out with one of the Indigo Girls and sing a few tunes. I noticed that D & L will break out their guitars at the drop of a hat. And I bet if they got a crowd to listen, a lot of dollar bills would fall into that hat!

    This show is definitely aimed at young foodies who loved 90's indie pop and can sing along to Dweezil's sister's song, "Valley Girl". (Remember back when kids of rock stars actually attempted to be successful, even if it is kinda lame!). The show was nice, but D& L are way too laid back for TV. Compared to other frenetic Food Network stars like Emeril and Jamie Oliver, Dweezil and Lisa are pretty tame. Plus neither seem dumb enough or funny enough to generate any watercooler buzz. (Do foodies gather around a watercooler or a hot pot of pasta?!) Anyway, I like Lisa Loeb's website and her glasses are just adorable!
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